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A shaded public seting system for the urban space
Tutor: Elisha Tal

Funsun is a shaded public seating system for the urban space and allows for a verity of seating positions including access for wheel chairs and table like work surface for people who want to use a laptop. The angled pole rotates and follows the movement of the sun to align the PV panel with the sun and continually focus the shade on the seating area. The solar panel provides power for a cooling fan, LED lights at night, WIFI communication and  power to charge mobile devices. In addition it powers the mechanism which rotates the unit towards the sun.



The public space used to be a social space where people met and where the civil discourse took place, Today the urban space has been largely commercialized and hence it is of vital importance to facilitate alternative activities and create opportunities for people to meet in the public space.





The Funsun aims to do just that, to attracts citizens in urban environments to spend more time outside. Funsun creates a comfortable environment for working and resting outdoors with the inviting seating, shading, cooling and lighting  features. Current technology of mobile devices portable computers provide us the opportunity to shift the place where we conduct work and other computerized activities, but in most cases we miss the power to charge these  product and the solar powdered outlet on the Funsun solves this issue as well.

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