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THE WHITE AURA |Mini Unusual Vase

The "White Aura" it’s a Mini Unusual Vase enable the insertion of nature indoors. Nature fertilizes the Effigies and gives them a different personalities every day.

Go out and look for complementary nature for the characters and your house will have new light and magic.

The inspiration for the creation of the " White Aura " series came out of trying to link an imaginary world with a materialistic one, which from time to time, seeks enlightenment.

The series includes three characters, each with different openings that are used as "pipes" which are made to receive nature like branches, leaves flowers stones and more. Filling these openings completes the character by the natural ingredients chosen and granted by the user.

The characters aim to bring light and renewed energy into the space in which they are present. Each of the three characters in this series has their own message.

Meet Angel, a unicorn and deer.

Angel- reminds us that we have wings, which can be made of any plant, feather or anything else that could make us fly, develop and grow.

Unicorn- aims to guide us to our imagination, to the place where we can go wild without rules and create our own new reality. Simply ride with imagination.

Deer- spreads softness, grace, serenity and balance. It is for him we will look for magical nature and be lead to forests, meadows and new wide open spaces.  

The bellies of the characters are capable of bearing water for the plants.

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