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Lyka |stoll

Israel is a country with a diversity of different cultures and ancient traditions alongside western culture. 

Bedouin women embroider their personal stories on textiles used in their clothes and other objects.

This project constitutes an encounter between women and cultures, and aims to finding a way to tell a common story  between tradition and innovation. This intersection is done by placing samples of tissue on a metal stool. The structure of the stool is made by advanced  technological means, Such as laser cutting and bending machines, which symbolizes the culture and technology of the western world, in a contradiction to traditional manual labor of Bedouin women.

This project was created with the cooperation of Bedouin women in the Laqiya center where the improvement of women’s status is emphasized by maintain the capacity of traditional weaving and embroidery.

This project was designed by Netta Kerzner & Dana Douiev.

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